Feel free to contact our service centre for both minor and major issues. We offer a full range of car maintenance and body work services and find a solution to all your car servicing needs.

Regular maintenance is essential to make sure the vehicle is safe to drive and maintains its value. Our workshop is staffed by trained professionals. 

Ideal Auto maintenance price list  
Maintenance/locksmith work 49 €
Error code interpretation / diagnostics 25 €
AC inspection 40 € / h
Topping up the AC system, up to 1 kg R143a 70 €
Filling the AC system, over 1 kg R134a 90 €
Front and rear axle adjustment 3D 55 €
Axle adjustment 3D / van, SUV 59 €
Axle inspection 24 €
Car lamp adjustment 20 €
Restoration of lamp covers price as agreed

Prices include VAT.


Windscreen wipers
Topping up the windscreen washer fluid tank and inspecting the functionality and condition of the windscreen wipers. Inspection of the settings of the windscreen, rear window and headlamp washers.

Cooling system
Inspection of the freezing temperature and level of the coolant. Adjustment and topping up where necessary.

Door and hatch locks
Inspection and lubrication of door locks, door latches and hinges. Inspection and lubrication of the fuel tank lock and boot lock.

Changing the oil and oil filter
Changing the oil, oil filter and oil cork seal.

Hydraulic system
Inspecting and, if necessary, topping up the hydraulic oil level in servo systems and other hydraulic systems (e.g. brake servo).

Brake fluid and braking system
Checking and, if necessary, topping up the brake fluid. The entire braking system is checked for leaks.

Braking shoes
Inspecting the condition of the front and rear braking shoes and brake discs.

Checking and adjusting the tyre pressure of all tyres, including spare tyres. Measuring tread depth and checking wear. Unevenly worn tyres can be a sign of incorrect wheel settings or tyre pressure.

Checking for engine leaks.

We check the headlamps and adjust them if necessary.

The diagnostics device checks for potential error messages from the car’s control units.

Wheel rods
Rod ends are a very important part of the steering system, so they are inspected early for any abnormal wear or similar.

Electrical equipment
We check that headlamps, tail lights, turn signal lights, passenger compartment lamps and similar electrical devices are working.

Checking the condition of springs, control arms, ball joints, the steering mechanism and drive shaft joints.

Fuel filter
Checking the fuel filter. Removal of water from the filter in diesel cars.

Lambda sensors
Checking the function of lambda sensors.

Exit system
We check that there are no exhaust gas leaks.

We check for possible external damage and leaks.

Final inspection and resetting of the service display
We check that all maintenance has been carried out in accordance with the maintenance manual and reset the service display on European cars – this means that the maintenance indicator on the dashboard goes out.

Test drive
The proper functioning of the car will be validated with a test drive.